Feel the Difference!

The newest innovation in disposable gloves is raised diamond texture.

4 Features of Diamond Textured Gloves

Raised Diamond Texture

Rip, Tear & Puncture Resistant


High-Visibility Color


The Benefits of Samples:

  • Professional: Our master packs are small and clearly labeled – allowing you to carry samples for several products with the professional presentation.
  • Comparable: Find the gloves you need in the size that fits you best – comparing thickness and material is easy when you can try them on!
  • Free: We know how important samples are to your sales process – that’s why we offer them free of charge.

Simply choose which color of Gloveworks Raised Diamond Texture you would like to sample and our glove experts will get into contact with you within two business days.

What You Will Get:

Request a sample of the product you’re interested in and we will send you a master pack with every available size.


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Samples are only available to wholesale distributors with at least five sales representatives. We do not sample to end-users. Shipping address must be a business address in the United States or Canada.

“It was hard to believe but once I did try the Gloveworks Black Nitrile, the AMMEX guy really wasn't lying! The raised diamond texture worked when I was underneath the hood of the car when my wrench was covered in oil.Great grip! For once it wasn't just a sales pitch!”

- Al, Autotech

“The GWON orange gloves are unique in many ways. They are an 8mil construction which makes them thicker than most gloves on the market. They also have a unique diamond texture grip that really helps hold onto oily slippery parts.”                                                                 

- Adrien, Purchasing Team Member