Who is AMMEX?

AMMEX Corporation is a premier importer of disposable gloves and other protective equipment. AMMEX Corporation specializes in supporting a number of industries including automotive, food, janitorial, sanitation, industrial, and home and garden.

AMMEX is a client of AmmEcom LLC, a digital marketing, demand generation and technology provider. Through the AMMEX Affiliate Program, we aim to generate more leads to distribute AMMEX products and buy direct.

How the Affiliate Program Works

When you join our Affiliate Program, you will be provided with a variety of marketing materials including banners, text links, and videos that you can place on your site. When a user clicks through to our website from one of these creatives we will associate that visitor with your Affiliate account. You will receive a commission when that visitor fills and submits a form from one of our pages. The amount will depend on the page the visitor submits form from.

Affiliate Tools

Get access to our collection of creatives such as display ads, text links, product videos and more on ShareASale.
Sales and Commission Reports
View all your transaction details and monitor how much commission you have earned.
Knowledge Base
Get helpful tips to increase your affiliate marketing success through ShareASale’s library of information.

Other key tools you can utilize include the data feed, exclusive coupon deals, keyword lists and more — all available to you via your ShareASale account!

Details about AMMEX Corporation’s Affiliate Program

  • Earn $15 commission per lead brought to our sign up pages.
  • Earn $10 commission per lead brought to our sample pages.
  • Earn commissions from our eBook sign-up form.
    • Earn $15 commission per successful submission of the eBook signup form when the following conditions are fulfilled:
      • Form submitted should be a 'Selling Gloves' transaction.
      • An existing company name and a company email address should be provided.
    • Earn $3 commission if the eBook form was filled out with a 'Using Gloves' transaction.
  • Earn $15 additional commission if the lead who successfully submits any of our forms becomes a customer within 30 days from day of signup.
  • Earn $5 bonus for three (3) form signups within a week. The incentive can be maxed out to $20 per week for 12 or more submissions. One week is counted as Monday-Sunday.
  • Commission from AMMEX Corporation may only be earned from US Mainland and Canada generated leads.
  • Coupon codes and seasonal promotions are offered throughout the year.
  • AMMEX can only accept affiliates based in US Mainland and Canada at this time.
  • All creatives and content made available to Affiliates through AMMEX Corporation’s Program are our property or our clients, or licensors. If an Affiliate has any concern about the appropriate use of any content, creatives or intellectual property, please reach out to us immediately.

For queries, please contact us at shareasale@ammex.com. Not an AMMEX Affiliate Partner? Sign Up Now!