Earn your slice of the $8 billion disposable glove industry.

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Duration: 30 minutes

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“I’m in sales, and I think any salesperson would agree that we tend to sell what we know. When you feel like an expert in your products, selling them becomes easy. My Glove Academy 101 course will teach you the critical differences in disposable gloves you need to know to make product recommendations to your customers.” – Wendy Grantham, Glove Academy 

Wendy is a results-driven sales superstar with 20 years of experience in the glove industry. As an AMMEX Sales Manager, she focuses on coaching, mentoring, and training AMMEX partners in the nuances of disposable gloves. Join Wendy as she brings that experience to our newest webinar series: Glove Academy.

 At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand why there is no "standard" glove for every application. 
  • Recognize differences in glove thickness, material, texture, and finish. 
  • Make accurate product recommendations to your customers. 
  • Sell more disposable gloves! 

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