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Grow revenue distributing AMMEX disposable gloves!

On-Demand Glove Inventory
Quickly purchase any nitrile, vinyl, or latex gloves your customers need.

Profitable Product Line
Gain 30% - 50% margins on a recurringly purchased product.

Selling Resource Access
Samples, sales collateral, spec sheets, and much more to aid sales.

What our partners are saying

AMMEX is the leading wholesale distributor of disposable gloves and barrier protection products.  With production capacity of billions of gloves per year and presence across North America, Asia, and Europe, we support our clients with quality products, operational efficiency, outstanding service, competitive prices, and proven marketing programs.  We service thousands of distributors in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, food, and medical.

Since 1988, the culture at AMMEX is built around core values of customer focus, ownership, innovation, and continuous optimization and improvement. We believe that great people and partners make AMMEX a great company and that our commitment and focus on the customer consistently drive outstanding results.